Dreams to Reality

Hi All!

I thought long and hard about what my first official blog post should be!  Everyone says it should be something interesting that will draw people in.  It shouldn’t be too short, but not too long.  You want to leave a good first impression, as if it was a job interview, so you need to present yourself in the way that you want to be identified as.  Hence, wear nice clothes, smile the whole time, and use BIG words.

I don’t know allot of BIG words…  Except for “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”…  And you can’t see what I’m wearing. . .  Neither can you see the expressions on my face. . .

Apparently I am supposed to inform you my goals for this blog and the categories I will be addressing in the future.  If you want to see that, head over to my “About” page for the info.  So instead of doing what I’m “supposed to do” and tell you all about what I want Ivory+Ebony to become, I want to encourage you.  Weird contrast, but stay with me…

Ivory+Ebony is my dream, become goal, now reality.  Yes, I have many hopes and aspirations for Ivory+Ebony.  I hope to reach all of them, and then create new ones.  However, this blog post is me, taking the first step to reach my dreams.  If I can do it, so can you.

I have had my share of jobs.  At the age of 2 years old I was making cookies with my Mom so that my Dad could sell them to the guys at his work, and from that money I would tithe and save.  Six years later I was working full days in a Green House, again tithing and saving from my earnings.  I have since worked at McDonalds, had two paper routes, nannied, worked in retail, taught fitness and karate, worked as a Weight Room Attendant, and worked at a pierogi factory.  At times, I had 3 or 4 of these jobs at once.  And I was never fired.  I simply knew that in order to chase after my present dreams, I had to let certain things go.  That is not an easy decision in all cases.  It can be scary to let go of work, not knowing if it is going to be worth it.  But let me tell you, if you run after those dreams, you will conquer them.

A couple weeks back my husband and I were talking about the future and what our plans were.  He knew I had wanted to start a blog for a very long time, yet hadn’t sat down and done it yet.  And being the kind, caring, and supportive man he is, he turned to me and said “Just start.  You want to do this and I fully support your dreams for a blog, but you need to just do it.  Sit down and get to work.”

Are you reading this?  Then that means I sat down, started, worked, and began conquering my goals.  I am that much closer to accomplishing my current dreams, and creating new ones.  I am an ordinary young woman with a dream I am working towards accomplishing. . . If I can do this, so can you. Yes, YOU GOT THIS!!!


Whether your dream be traveling for a living, becoming a photographer, starting your own business, creating a blog, etc.  If it means you have to drop what you are comfortable in right now as a job, and take that risk to accomplish your dreams. . .  START!  It will take effort, it will take time, it will take perseverance.  You will get discouraged, you will be told you can’t do it, you will think you made a mistake, but keep going!  Don’t stop!

Odds are there will be bumps in the road, and it will not come with the snap of your fingers.  But persevere and work hard.  Try and try again.  Change your mind.  Sit back and plan it out.  Just run straight and deal with getting up after you fall when you have to.  Make mistakes and learn from them.  Look for inspiration.  Fight.  Take a breath.  And when everything is trying to make you turn around and give up, focus on how far you have come, and how close you are.

Don’t do it for anyone else. . . but do it for yourself.

Right now, this is my turn to start.  And boy, oh boy, I can’t wait to see where it takes me.



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