Yummy Breakfast


Most Important Meal

of the Day?

There is an ongoing debate on whether or not breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  Breakfast is definitely important, but is it more important than Lunch or Dinner?  I don’t think so.  Each meal is uniquely important.  The recommended hours of sleep time is 8-10 hours a night.  Now do we actually get that?  Probably not.  Maybe you are blessed with the ability to have time to sleep that long every night, maybe you are a university student with deadlines plus a part time job which leaves you no choice but to sleep when you die, and study through the night.  The studies done to test the “breakfast is the most important meal” theory base it off the idea that everyone gets the recommended amount of sleep every night.  And if you do get 8-10 hours a night of sleep, that is a long time for the body to go without food intake.  It is good to give your digestive system that break, which is why regardless if I am going to get at least 8 hours of sleep or less. . . Much less. . .  I refrain from eating past 8pm.  That way even if I wake up at 4am, I have given my digestive system a good break.  So after not eating for some time, you need to replenish your body with nutrient foods to keep it going throughout the day.  


This is why breakfast is important.  If you do not start your day with a good meal to fill your body with the energy and nutrients it needs, your day may be RUINED!!!  Okay. . .  Maybe not “RUINED!!!”.  Yet studies show that a good hardy breakfast will give you energy for the day, wake up your brain, improve your mood, and will actually help you not to binge eat throughout the day as well as set your mind on the right track to be healthy for the remainder of your meals and snacks.  Think of it as putting normal fuel into a diesel truck.  Not the smartest thing you could do.  You want to do your best to fill your “tank” with the proper foods it needs to keep running at its best ability.  Foods commonly used in breakfast supply you with different nutrients that other meals throughout the day may not give a sufficient amount of.


But let us not forget that lunch and dinner also supply different nutrients that breakfast does not give a good amount of.  So yes, breakfast is very important yet we should not neglect the other meals in the day.  


Lets admit it though, breakfast is way more fun!  No one ever has “dinner for breakfast”, they have “breakfast for dinner”!  Why?  Because its FUN!!!  Yes, “FUN!!!”!  So let us talk breakfast!


One of my favourite breakfast options is a yogurt bowl.  They are easy to make, healthy, yummy, and you can be so creative!  This assortment is one of the best, in my opinion!  Let’s get started!


Blackberry Yogurt Bowl


Start off with your favourite yogurt!  I have been really enjoying the Organic 100% natural coconut yogurt.  A nice change to vanilla.  It has a very light taste to it.  I’m not a massive coconut fan, but this yogurt has the perfect amount of coconut.  It isn’t overpowering to the other ingredients, which is in my opinion, something coconut can easily do.


Y U M M Y.  This organic granola with organic dark chocolate and shredded coconut is probably the yummiest granola I have ever had!  Plenty of people can eat granola by itself as a snack, yet I have never liked any type of granola enough to do so.  This stuff however is a new find that I am really enjoying!  It is FairTrade as well, which is a must for me.  

Granola has some amazing health benefits!  It has a sufficient amount of iron and is able to give you an energy boost without the sugar that most energy assisting products put in your body.  There are free-radicals within the body that can cause cancer, but antioxidants like Manganese can get rid of those free-radicals, helping your body to fight cancer.  Granola is a great way to get a dose of manganese as the snack has a high content of the powerful mineral!



Blackberries are a fruit I despise picking, but so enjoy eating!  


One of the coolest things about blackberries is that they contain Vitamin K.  This fruit, due to its content of Vitamin K can actually be used to help with pain relief during labor because the vitamin serves as a muscle relaxant!  So in many years to come, when I am in labor, I will have a cooler packed with blackberries to continually shove in my mouth.  For real.  Blackberries also have one of the highest levels of antioxidants in fruit.  This is evident in the dark blue colour that blackberries are.



Flaxseed is full with everything that is good for you.  No joke.  The list of health benefits that flaxseed contains goes on and on.  It is a fantastic source for omega-3, protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. It is gluten-free (not that I really care about gluten but I know tons of people who are allergic to it), low in carbohydrates, high in antioxidants and also can assist in fighting different types of cancer!  


Having 3 tablespoons a day of milled flaxseed is very beneficial for your body.  You can achieve this by adding it onto your yogurt, or by putting it in a smoothie!  Plus there are allot of recipes you can try your hand at that contain a large amount of flaxseed. 



Bananas.  I can only eat them when they are at a certain point.  Soft, but not slimy, but also not too soft.  Otherwise I can only eat them paired with something else.  This mix of flavours compliments the taste of banana beautifully, no matter what the texture is!  


Benefits of eating bananas includes plenty of carbohydrates, potassium, Vitamin B6 (which gives you healthy hair, skin, liver and eyes), and contains almost no fat.  





Chia seeds are by weight 40% fibre.  This makes them one of the highest sources of fibre in the world!  In fact, in ancient Mayan language, “chia” means “strength”.  I may be the only one, but I think that’s pretty cool!


Omega-3 fatty acids are found in chia seeds which help to raise HDL, the good kind of cholesterol.  HDL assists in the prevention of strokes and heart attacks.


If you don’t know where to put them, they work well in yogurt as well as your classic fruit smoothie!



The chocolate chips?  They are just for fun.  I only use dark chocolate chips, so a benefit is that they contain a higher amount of iron, which is a really important mineral for woman to consume!  But really, i’m not in it for the health benefits, merely the mental ones!  Haha!





This is one of my favourite breakfasts!  Like I said before, it is easy, yummy, and has oh so many health benefits!  In all seriousness I could eat this every day for the next year. . . Or two. . .  Haha!


Thanks for clicking on this blog post!  Let me know if you give this yogurt bowl a try!










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