Treat Yo’ Self

Hello Spring!  

Oh how i’ve missed the sun and warmth that Spring brings!  Especially after a very long and cold winter.


Today I did something that I quite enjoy and also try to do every couple weeks.  While running some errands I remembered that there were no flowers on my window sill in the kitchen.  With some time to spare I went to the grocery store that has a lovely little floral section, hunted down some new stems, and was on my way back home.  Once inside I turned on music and got to arranging with my new stems.  I think I was meant to be born in the early 1900s when flower arranging was a normal every day hobby.  Because it is so fun for me!  It is like a small treat to myself.  Many a time I have debated on growing my own stems, yet I lack the green thumb necessary to do so.  I have the blackest thumb you will ever see (i’ve single handedly killed a mint plant. . .  yes a mint plant, a.k.a. basically a weed) so I cannot grow my own stems.  So if I have the time, you will find me picking through the different stems found at either a florist shop, or in the floral section in certain grocery stores.  Green always catches my eye.  In all honesty, I don’t even like allot of flowers.  Also I find that allot of pre-arranged bouquets you can purchase are quite tacky.  So being able to pick what stems I want and create something simple and sweet is almost like a pamper to myself.  Peonies are my absolute most favourite flower in the world, but they are only in season for a short amount of time.  So usually I like to pair my green stems with white carnations (peony substitute) or baby breath.  White and green look so delicate together!  Though on this particular shopping trip these beautiful coral tulips caught my eye and were basically calling my name.  Clearly I couldn’t resist!




Buying and arranging flowers is something I do for me.  Selfish?  Maybe.  However I think that everyone should have a few simple things they do for themselves.  It could be something as small as setting 30 minutes in the day aside to journal, or watch an episode of your favourite tv show, or bake some cookies, et cetera.  


Guaranteed there are some Mamas out there who are reading this thinking “Yeah right, Rachel!  My kids are constantly crawling all over me and I have no time to even sit down!  I can’t find time to do something for myself!”.  Yes, you are correct.  Superheroes like yourselves most likely do not have enough time in the day to sit down for 5 minutes with a cup of coffee and just relax.  Maybe your treat to yourself doesn’t have to involve setting time aside!  What if you treated yourself by buying a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store (I bet you practically live there anyways because kids eat constantly)?  If you can spare the time, maybe even pick out your own stems and have your kids help you arrange them at home!  Or perhaps you could purchase for yourself that nice face cream you’ve always wanted to try!  Maybe there is a perfume you would like to have for when you want to feel fancy.  Point is, even as a Mama, there are plenty of ways you can treat yourself.  Why not hire a babysitter once a month, or every two months, to take care of your kids just for a couple hours so that you can go out and reset your mind?  Go for a coffee date!  Get your nails done!  Go shopping!  After all, you deserve it!  


For those of us who have the time here and there, try to come up with several ways you can treat yourself.  Now I’m not saying that you have to treat yourself every single day, but maybe once or twice a week.  Its amazing what setting aside some time for yourself can do.  It can help relieve stress, give you more energy, help you to re-focus and even motivate you.  Give it a try.  There are so many benefits that come from taking even a fifteen minute break.  I know that when I am stressed, frustrated, or overwhelmed, taking a short break to do something for me helps to relieve all those feelings.  


Here are a list of ideas that may be appealing to you, to use as your “treat to yo’ self!”!  Choose a couple of them, or make your own!


  • Buy and arrange your own flowers
  • Stop by your favourite coffee shop for some sweet, sweet, caffeine 
  • Read
  • Journal
  • Get your nails or hair done
  • Find a fun and easy-going tv show with short episodes 
  • Shopping (no need to buy, just enjoy the atmosphere and try cute pricey clothes on)
  • Go on a hike
  • Photography
  • Take a walk
  • Plan a coffee date with a good friend
  • Scrapbook
  • Bake/cook
  • Take a napDSC_0474
  • Use the awesomeness of Pinterest to find some DIY ideas
  • Take your time while doing your makeup
  • Have longer showers
  • Workout
  • Draw
  • Eat chocolate
  • Eat out instead of cooking dinner


The list could literally go on forever and ever.  My personal favourites are:

  • Arranging flowers
  • Scrapbooking
  • Workout
  • Photography
  • Coffee date
  • Hike (only in the summer)


So I encourage you to write down four or five activities that you can do that will help you to relax, de-stress, re-focus and reboot your brain!  Your body will thank you in many ways!








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