Fill Summer without Emptying your Wallet

Hello Summer!



While the season of summer is here, the weather isn’t. . .  At least not where I live. . .  In Canada. . .  But hey, we have maple syrup and beautiful landscapes!  At the current moment. . .  No heat.  Canada is stereotyped as the land where igloos are our homes year-round, and our vehicles are moose.  Usually we have warmth at this time.  However this year I think that stereotype may finally be true.


In hopes of the summer weather gracing us with its presence, I have been thinking about some fun things to do this summer without spending too much $$$.  Vacation sounds awesome, and I would so enjoy some good relaxation, but allot of the places to go in order to escape from everyday life for a week or two can be quite pricey.  Since my hubby and I are saving up for a home, and also have planned an awesome vacation in the far future, we don’t want to over step our monthly budget in order to have a fun time during our week off in the summer.  Priorities, eh?


And so, I had to inspire myself and think up a list of things to do for our week off.  I came up with 10 different ideas for anyone who wants to enjoy a summer vacation with a variety of activities that will not empty your wallet. . . or secret $ stash. . .  or bank. . . or anything in general where your money is.


   1. Vineyard

This is something my hubby and I plan to do!  Go tour some cool wineries/vineyards near you!  Or, take a road trip to a location where there are allot of them to explore!  Most wineries/vineyards are either free to tour, or come at a low price.  You can educate yourself on the art of making wine, eat great food, drink excellent wine, and snap some beautiful pictures!


   2. Camping

Rough it!  Borrow some tents, or a friends trailer and get out of the city into nature! Make sure to plan your trip somewhere that either has a good beach, or fun hiking trails to venture on.  Camping doesn’t have to be boring.  And it doesn’t have to be glamorous!  You could also try camping somewhere close to civilization so that your friends can come for day visits.  Camping sites can also go for cheap.  Do some research to find the perfect place for you, that won’t break bank.


   3. Hikes

There are a wide range of hiking trails that vary from easy/beginner to hard/advanced.  Im sure there are lots of trails within a two hour drive of your home that would be worth the drive time.  There are plenty of hiking locations with coffee shops, or restaurants at the bottom where you can eat/ drink the calories you burned!  Reward yourself!  Bring along some friends for the emotional support!  Haha!  Majority of hiking trails cost $0, yet there are some that require a bit of coin for a ride down, so be sure to check if there are any costs before you start on the trail!


   4.  Explore Small Towns

Cute ones.  I bet there is at least one old town near you that has allot of neat history, or some cute shopping areas where you could spend a whole day exploring.  And no need to buy anything!  Just window shop!  And again, snap some cute pictures!  Go find that perfect little coffee shop that needs some love!  Odds are, if you don’t buy anything, you just have to pay for gas to get there!


   5.  Find a new beach

I know I’m not the only one who gets tired of the same old beach.  Except if its in Hawaii. . .  All beaches there are gorgeous. . .  Yet here in our reality we can get bored of going to the same beach over and over again year after year.  So find a new one!  Big, small, public, off the beaten path, busy, quiet.  I’ve even seen signs some random “Joe” made to direct those adventurous people to a beach location that no one else knows about.  Follow the signs people!!!  Unless the signs are creepy and clearly you shouldn’t. . .  Use discretion.  Sometimes you just have to pay for parking, but usually the beach is free!


   6.  Drive in Theatre

This is something I have always wanted to do, but still haven’t scratched off my bucket list!  Go see a drive in movie!  Throw a bunch of blankets and pillows in the back of a buddies truck with snacks, invite your friends (and the buddy who owns the truck) and pig out while enjoying a good film!


   7.  Picnic

I know, I know.  Scarring memories of family picnic fails are coming to mind.  Ignore them.  Plan a FUN one with friends!  Bring a volleyball, football, frisbee, etc.  Get everyone to bring a different dish of food as well.  Basically, free food, friends, free food, games, free food, blanket, free food.  How can you go wrong?


   8. Make friends with someone who owns a boat

Make friends with someone who owns a boat, and use that boat that your new friend can drive in order to go tubing or water skiing or something along those lines.  Pretty self explanatory.  Lucky for me, I already acquired such a friend some time ago before I knew how good an idea this is.  JK!  Don’t use people like that.  Its not cool.


   9.  Paddle Boarding

Also on my summer bucket list which for some reason I still haven’t crossed off.  Paddle Boarding is an awesome workout, a fun activity, and perfect for soaking up some sun!  Just be sure to paddle board on calm waters.  If its too windy and the water is choppy, it may not be as fun!  Paddle Boards can be a little bit pricey to rent for a day, but take a look online to see the best prices.  Sometimes people who rent them out will have a group deal, so don’t be afraid to bring your friends along!


   10. Find a multi-activity park

There are some parks that go on for miles and miles.  These parks offer beaches, hiking trails, biking roads, walking lanes, coffee shops, ice cream stands, golf courses, grassy areas, basketball/tennis courts, et cetera.  A great place to spend the day!  Odds are, you will have to pay for parking and the food/drink or golfing, but there are always plenty of things to do that don’t involve lightening your wallet.


And there you have it!


Feel free to add to this list by commenting down below!


Make summer fun this year!  Having a good time doesn’t mean you have to spend allot of money.  Find the simpler things in life that are fun to partake in!  Now if you will excuse me, I have a winery tour trip to plan!






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