The Tote Project

Ever wanted to make a difference?


Let me introduce you to The Tote Project




The Tote Project is on a special mission.  Made from 100% organic cotton, their precious totes and pouches are hand sewn by women in India who have traveled out of sex trafficking.  In majority of cases, this is no easy feat.  These women are brave and strong. They have a desire to take back their life and create something beautiful with it.


The Tote Project gives these women the opportunity to Dream, Explore, Imagine, Roam, Bloom, Grow, Soar, and Hope.




All of their products are fair trade and are printed with eco-friendly inks.  And let me tell you something, the totes and pouches are not only beautifully designed, they are great quality and a perfect size!  I have already used them for so many different purposes.


Each tote or pouch comes with a 100% recycled card explaining how to recognize human trafficking, as well as numbers to call and places to get help in regards to suspected human trafficking.


A huge ongoing problem with sex trafficking is that we all forget that it exists.  Yes we know that there are women who work as prostitutes or do pornography.  However we remain unaware that allot of this may be happening in our cities and that majority of these women are actually being forced or coerced into prostitution, pornography, stripping, et cetera.


Studies show that 85-95% of those in prostitution want to leave but unfortunately have no other resources or ways of surviving without it.  In the study I read, 89% out of the 854 people in prostitution from nine countries explained what they needed in order to get out of prostitution.  Listed among the needs of; a safe home, health care (many suffer from physical and psychological problems), individual counselling, peer support, legal assistance, and drug and alcohol treatment, is job training.  How else are they to support themselves financially?  After all, most women are coerced into prostitution because of financial poverty.




Enter Tote Project.  Sadly, women who were once in the sex trafficking business are often looked down on and judged, immediately dismissed as a possible hire for businesses.  Fay Grant and Michelle Chavez, founders of The Tote Project, saw the need for these brave women who had decided to get out of sex trafficking, and started to support not just their own employees who journeyed out of sex trafficking, but donate 20% of all their profits made from selling their product to Two Wings.


Two Wings also has an inspiring mission to “. . . empower survivors of sex trafficking to identify and pursue their dream vocation through mentoring programs, life skills classes and career training workshops, creating the path for a life of financial and physical independence.”.  They provide a way for previously sex trafficked women to regain their mental and physical health while keeping them on a journey towards a brand new life where they don’t have to turn back towards prostitution.  And in the end, they assist these women in finding a good job to support themselves with and maintain connection with them even after they finish the Two Wings Qualified Program.


The Tote Project is on fire for their mission.  This is a product you can feel good about purchasing.  It won’t break your wallet, but it will help to support a great cause.  These totes and pouches are fabulous to gift a friend, or yourself!  They have a wonderful selection of designs, and nearly all of them have a “free to ____” theme to choose from.  Don’t be afraid to give their site a peak and check out all their beautiful products!


I look forward to the day I own every one of their designs!


Psst. . .  Scroll down to see more pictures of the tote and pouches I purchased!







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