16 Week Pregnancy Update



Let me tell you something. . .  It is one of the hardest things in the world to keep the baby growing in you a secret.  You know you should wait till your second trimester in order to share the grand news, but every time you see your family or friends you want to start jumping up and down while screaming like a goat and in between screaming tell them they should be jumping and screaming too because you have a little baby person growing inside you!


My poor kid is going to be so embarrassed by me. . .



When I found out. . .


I originally found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks.  Prior to finding out I had the same physical signs that I get when Aunt Flo is coming.  Bloating, tender chest, et cetera.  But nothing different from my normal cycle warnings. . .  Except that Aunt Flo never visited.  Not going to lie, the only reason I took a test was because every time I drank a cup of coffee or a glass of wine I had a slight ache in me that it may not be a good idea.  So I took a test simply to be able to clear my mind and drink my wine and coffee in peace.  + . . .   A MASSIVE surprise!  I was in complete shock and couldn’t believe it!  Having already planned not to have kids for a couple more years, I quickly came to the realization of how big a life change this would be.  A beautiful one.  Also a scary one.  I couldn’t wait to tell Elih, which I did by handing him a pair of little baby leather boots I had previously bought before even knowing I was pregnant because I couldn’t pass them up!   Elih has wanted to be a Dad since he was a little boy so this was probably the most exciting news he had ever heard before.  Needless to say, we are both over the moon excited for this baby!


Pregnancy Side Effects. . .


Now honestly I can’t complain.  I know so many Mama’s who struggled horrendously during pregnancy.  They couldn’t eat, throwing up constantly, nauseous throughout the day, and so on.  I experienced pregnancy insomnia for the first 6 weeks of my pregnancy (which I didn’t know about for the first 5).  I got maybe two hours of sleep a night if I was lucky.  It was awful.  But that soon ended and since then I have had a breeze mostly.  I have felt nauseous only a couple times and not for very long.  Dry gagged a few times but haven’t thrown up.  I have been able to keep everything I eat down!  However my food aversions are insane and the list keeps growing.  My husband has warned a few of our friends to not even mention a few of the foods I used to enjoy and now can’t handle because just the name of it sends me dry gagging.  But in the name of blogging I will list those foods down.  Just know I’m dry heaving as I’m writing this.

  • Soggy spinach
  • Soggy kale
  • Yogurt (except hidden in a smoothie)
  • Sour cream by itself
  • Green smoothies
  • Hamburgers
  • Eggs


Cravings?  Yes. . .  Elih has already gone out in the late hours of evening to get me my chicken strips.  Other random cravings I get are KD, milk, and frozen yogurt.  I went through a jug of milk in half an hour a couple days ago.  I usually buy two big jugs of milk every two or three weeks.  Now I’m going through a whole jug in two or three days.


The One Bad Thing. . .


The one thing that has been giving me allot of trouble during pregnancy is that both my sciatic nerves are in really rough shape.  Reasons for the nerve pinching and rubbing is from before pregnancy yet I only started feeling the pain of it after conceiving.  Every day is different.  I may have no issues through the day, or I may need my husband’s help just to get out of bed with minimal pain.  I have an awesome Chiro and Physio who have been helping me feel the best I can and hopefully work away the problem.


Pre-natal Vitamins. . .

For the first few months I took Folic Acid as my Midwife told me that was all baby needed in the start and once I was in the second trimester I should start taking pre-natal vitamins.  But don’t do anything because I did.  Talk to your doctor or Midwife since every pregnancy is different.


Since I had zero morning sickness I was worried about changing to prenatal vitamins since my Midwife told me allot of women get sick from the capsule lining.  Originally I had planned on buying the cheapest type of vitamin because I don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on pills.  After looking at the millions of options I found a brand that made their vitamins into gummies!  They were all natural of course with all the necessary nutrients baby needs and then some.  Here’s my logic which I could totally be messed up on so don’t take my word for it;  Since its normal for the capsule lining to bring about nausea, in order for me to avoid it I should avoid the capsules!  No capsule, no lining, no nausea.  Plus I really don’t like swallowing any sort of pill so gummies it was!  Ive been taking them for a long time now and haven’t had any nausea!  If anything I feel way happier chewing gummies than choking on a pill!


Stretch Mark Prevention. . .


I have been fighting stretch marks by lathering myself in Palmers Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.  This is perfect for all us pregnant Mamas!  Heck, it has a picture of a pregnant woman on the front!  Every night I put this over every inch of my skin which are bound to get stretch marks.  Then every second night I use a pure vitamin E oil overtop of the lotion just on my stomach area.  The vitamin E oil is actually really sticky so I make sure to wear a good shirt to bed to keep it soaking into my skin!


When I started showing. . .


At first I had major bloating so I looked like I was showing.  Bring on the baggy clothing!  I had never been that bloated before in my entire life.  None of my pants were comfortable to wear and I didn’t want to go buy maternity pants yet because I was so early and decided to keep putting myself through actual pain and discomfort till I was further along.  If you have never had a baby and are reading this, please take my advice. . .  Wear whatever you can be comfortable in and if that means buying maternity pants at 9 weeks, DO IT!!!  I wish I had.  Eventually I was so sick and tired of feeling so uncomfortable that I booked it out to a maternity store and purchased three pairs of pants and three maternity tops.  That sums up what I’ve worn since then.


Let me be real with you.

I refrained from being comfortable because I thought people would tease me for wearing maternity pants so early in pregnancy since most Mama’s don’t start showing until 15 weeks.  Maybe I just gained weight (when in actual fact I lost weight).  Or maybe I was still bloated even though I didn’t feel like I was.  So I put myself through allot of pain by wearing pants that were way too tight for my growing belly.  Eventually I went on the internet and looked up if it was normal to be showing so early (12 weeks to be specific).  I found a page with tons of pictures of women who were all 12 weeks pregnant.  Every single picture was different!  Some of the Mama’s didn’t look pregnant at all.  Other Mama’s were twice or three times as big as me!  Every single pregnancy is different.  Every Mama carries her baby different.  With my baby, I started showing in my first trimester.  And if people told me that it was just bloating or fat gain, I stuck their finger on my belly so they could feel how rock solid it was.  Not bloating.  Not weight gain.  Simply how my body carries a baby.  And I think my body does it perfectly.


Sixteen Weeks


Call me crazy, but I love being pregnant so far.  It is incredible to have a life growing inside me.  I have never felt this beautiful or confident before.


Pretty sure I have got all of you up to date on the main pregnancy stuff!  I will reveal more in future posts!  Thanks for coming on this awesome journey with me!







  1. Congrats Rachel!!! I’ve been waiting for this since you’ve announced your pregnancy on instagram ☺️
    Are you also going to post ‘pregnancy updates’ on your YouTube channel? I’d love that!
    Either way, thanks for sharing your journey with us.

    God bless you and your little baby xx


  2. I started showing really early too!!!! I think it has to be with the length of the torso. I’m really short torso and long lengs, so the baby started to show at about 10 weeks (it looked like a little food belly but it was definetely there). I’m so happy to read that you feel so beautiful and confident!!! You have been blessed!!!! The greatest blessing!!! I cannot wait for you to post more pictures (to envy the gorgeous pregnancy hair, since i’m now struggling with post partum gollum type hideous hair… ☹️)
    Congratulations all the way down from Chile!!!


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