22 Week Pregnancy Update



We are always told that pregnancy is nine months long but also forty weeks. . .  Which is technically ten months. . .  So why do we say nine months?  Maybe because you don’t usually find out till a month in and then you have nine months left in your ten month pregnancy?


. . .  These are the weird things that I think about probably way too much. . .



22 weeks in, 18 to go!  Honestly when I think about this entire journey so far it feels like it has flown by!  Which makes me panic slightly because the only stuff I have bought for my own child is two boxes of diapers because they were on sale and I had a bunch of coupons.  My family actually surprised my hubby and I on Christmas with a bundle of gifts for the baby!  Boy oh boy is this babe loved!  There are still newborn clothes to buy, nursing blankets and pillow, diaper bag, nursing pads (to help hide leaking), crib, car seat, change table, THE ENTIRE NURSERY!  And those are just a few of the things on the list!


Majority of those things will be in crunch time because my husband and I are actually moving when I am just under eight months pregnant.  So I won’t even be able to start on the nursery till we move into our new home.  Im not too worried though!  I planned my wedding in less than two months. . .  A baby’s room shouldn’t be much harder right?  Hopefully. . .


I think my friends who follow me on Pinterest are sick and tired of my pinning as of late since ALL I’ve been looking at is baby rooms!  Im feeling the boho designs.  Basically just sticking mostly to white colours with some light wood accents and a bold pop of navy.  Part of the reason I am keeping the room colours gender neutral is because we are keeping the baby’s sex a surprise and don’t want to bring a baby boy home to a baby pink room, or a baby girl home to a baby blue room.  Plus another reason is that we can keep the colours in there for longer as our child grows up and it can suit each age appropriately!  And probably one of the biggest reasons is that I will be spending plenty of time in there also and want to be comfortable in it.  As weird as that probably sounds, I’m sure someone out there can relate!


Something else I’m sure another Mama can relate to is my biggest development yet;




Like we are talking the weirdest dreams you will ever experience!  Usually when you have a dream you can think about what made you even have that dream because its random stuff in the back of your mind that all mixes together and throws itself at you.  Not these dreams, people.  These are out of the blew, has nothing to do with anything, weirdo dreams.  I won’t get into the details because they can get sort of gross – pregnancy/labor gross – so all the Mama’s out there will understand what I’m saying.  Every night when I wake up (with what feels like is a full bladder but really is just a tinkle) I look back on the dream I just had and try to think of where on earth it came from.  I still have no idea.  None.  Zilch.  Though what is really sweet is that every dream I have had where the baby is out of my belly, and whether the baby is a boy or a girl in the dream, the baby is a mini Elih.  A perfect little mini Elih.  Round face, bright blue eyes, and dark hair with the most precious smile you’ll ever see.


So lets talk about this whole bladder thing.


This may get TMI, but lets be honest, we all feel the exact same way.  Im just the one vocalizing it.  You know when you have an insanely full bladder and you’ve been holding it for too long, and then you finally get to relieve yourself. . .  Isn’t it one of the most satisfying things ever?  Seriously!  I have not had a satisfying pee for WAY TOO LONG.  Every time I have to go to the bathroom it feels like it is going to be so satisfying!  Tinkle tinkle. . .  Tinkle.  Just a couple tinkles. . .  Thats it!  Thats all I get!  It’s quite disappointing really.  Yes go ahead and laugh and judge!  But we ALL feel that way!  Haha!


Anterior Placenta???


Female:  “So have you felt the baby move yet?!”

Me:  “Not yet!  I won’t be able to feel the baby move for a while longer due to my anterior placenta.”

Male:  *Quickly turns around and runs away out of fear*


Yes this has happened and its absolutely hilarious!  As a pregnant woman, we can sometimes (or all the time) feel physically uncomfortable so it’s fun to extend that lack of comfort to others.  It’s hilarious.  But honestly I do it sometimes without even meaning to because I am a very honest person.


Anywho we were talking about my anterior placenta.  Its not insanely uncommon to have an anterior placenta.  It just means that when the fertilized egg implanted itself onto my uterine wall, it implanted itself on the front.  If you have an anterior placenta, DO NOT look on the internet for answers.  Everything on there is mumbo jumbo about how its a terrible thing and that it causes tons of issues blah blah blah.  My midwife said that since my placenta is right infront and not blocking the birth canal, there are no medical concerns.  Baby is fine.  Im fine.  However there is a greater chance of back labor.  At 22 weeks I have knowingly felt the baby once or twice.  Which was so surprising and so exciting!  The placenta is acting like a cushion to the baby’s kicks so I don’t feel the ninja moves as much as someone with a posterior placenta would.  Once the baby gets bigger, I’m sure I will get my share of jabs.


My husband enjoys putting his head and hands against my belly, cheering our baby on to “Kick your daddy!  C’mon kick your daddy!”.  Let me tell you ladies. . .  Your man rubbing, talking to, poking, and cuddling with your pregger tummy is one of the sweetest things in the whole world!  So precious!


I LOVE being pregnant!


Yes you read that right!  A lot of Mama’s I know were not fans of being pregnant.  They loved and love their kids with their whole heart, but did not enjoy their experiences of pregnancy.  It makes sense though.  They had some rough pregnancies!  And I mean super rough!


My blood pressure remains super low and my sciatic nerves a pain (actually), but my joy for being pregnant far exceeds the bother that those problems give me.  And really, those are the only issues i’ve had!  If you read my 16 week update you know that I haven’t experienced any nausea or sickness.  No throwing up.  And I’ve been sleeping mostly okay!  Not only do I enjoy pregnancy, but I continue to feel beautiful!  This belly is really starting to show!  I’ve got belly creases at my sides outlining the womb, and this bellybutton is getting more and more shallow!  It’s seriously so fun!



My 20 Week Ultrasound. . .


That day was my favourite.  We got to see our little pineapple!  The first time we saw him (p.s. I don’t know if the baby is a boy but I think he is, so I call him “him” or “he” allot even though he could very well be a girl) he was a little blob, eight weeks old.  So tiny!  The only thing in him moving was his little heart thumping away.  This time, he was SO BIG!  Ten inches long and he weighed 10.5 ounces.  Perfection.  I couldn’t believe how much he moved.  For a while he was completely curled up in a ball and then all of the sudden he would stretch out.  We could see his little heart pounding away!  He kept moving his hands to his face.  We were able to see his tiny lips open and close and even caught him moving his tongue around outside of this mouth.  It was amazing.  I admit, I teared up.  But when you see something that beautiful and precious, you can’t really help it.


A beautiful life.  As I kid I always dreamed of being pregnant with a baby, but it is nothing like what I would have expected.  It really does blow my mind that there is human life growing inside me.  That my husband and I made a baby!  God is so cool!  Perfectly forming and growing our baby.  I don’t think I will be able to fully process it all till after baby is born!  And I am positive that the moment I’m holding that beautiful precious life, I am going to bawl my eyes out from joy and won’t be able to stop for a long time.





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