Capsule Wardrobe | 1 Shirt – 5 Outfits


Collab | SarahTherese


When I was in my early teens. . .

I spent my Sunday afternoons with my siblings and our main group of friends.  We would without fail every week walk to the local mall and grab food, and then shop at the same stores over and over again.  Now being a young teen with no responsibilities like bills and such, I spent most of my money on clothes.  Fast fashion, low quality, cheap, clothes.


DSC_1949Every week my closet collection was added to.  I had a TON of clothes!  There was a sense of being “cool” with all my fashion choices (which I look back on now and shake my head at).  During that time I thought I knew what my style was, but in reality I had no idea!  I was merely experimenting!  Finally as I got older I began to understand what my style actually was, and slowed down on buying clothes in order to make sure I wasn’t wasting my money on a $5 shirt I wasn’t crazy about.


Once I began to find the style that I felt suited my personality, I got rid of a lot of clothes.  All the previous purchases that didn’t fit my character.  Problem is I was suddenly down a large amount of clothes and I didn’t know how to pair one shirt a million different ways, so I had to re-stock my inventory!  Back to the $5 clothing racks!


Fast forward to my later teens; I didn’t spend money like I used to.  I was more responsible and put my hard earned cash towards useful things.  Yet that didn’t stop me from buying the occasional shirt that I liked and was priced cheap.  However I quickly realized that I was barely wearing all my clothes!  I had a gazillion shirts and tons of pants, but rarely ever wore most of them!  They just sat there in my closet collecting dust, or making a mess.


DSC_1943What was the point in having a massive collection of clothes if I wasn’t wearing them all on a regular basis?  Slowly but surely I cleaned my closet out of the items that never actually made it off the hanger.  And every so often I go through my current closet and pass along whatever I haven’t worn in ages.


Im down to a Capsule Wardrobe, and am in L O V E.


Capsule Wardrobe


Having a small clothing collection – a capsule wardrobe – is so freeing.


For one, it saves money and time. . .

I only ever buy clothes on the rare occasion, and only if I absolutely adore the item I grab off the rack.  When you create a habit of self control in the clothing store, and only ever buy something that you will regret not adding to your closet, you start to save large amounts of cash!

Second, you can support local easier. . .

Saving money by not buying cheap clothes allows me to spend a larger amount down the road so I can support locally made, ethically sourced, sustainable, high quality, slow fashion, more often.

Third, it frees up space. . .

I avoid clutter.  Yes, clothing can become clutter.  Piles of clothes never used simply takes up space in your home, and can be difficult to get control of.  The less of it you have, the less you have to deal with, freeing up your space as well as your time.

Fourth, less stress in choosing. . .

I have a way easier time picking my day to day outfits.  When you are limited to what you can pick from your closet, you are bound to wear a certain clothing item more, and get creative with how you style it.

Fifth, clothes last longer. . .

It may sound weird that clothes in a capsule last longer, yet it is true.  When we are more relaxed with what clothes we buy, we end up buying more cheap quality clothes that may not last very long.  When you invest in a capsule wardrobe, cheap clothes rarely make their way onto your rack.  High quality clothing will last you way longer, so shopping as often won’t be necessary.


Want to hear more about a Capsule Wardrobe lifestyle?  Go checkout SarahTherese’s video on Youtube!  She’ll inspire you to choose a capsule closet!



1 Shirt – 5 Outfits


To help you get some ideas on how to style your capsule wardrobe, I came up with 5 completely different outfits that all use the same shirt!  This is the fun part of a capsule.  Get C R E A T I V E.  You may surprise yourself with how many ways you can style one item!


Outfit #1 – Casual


 I paired my awesome black T with some jeans and a button up denim shirt around the waist.  Sandals give this look a Spring feel.  It’s probably too cold here to wear sandals right now, but i’m trying to convince my body that its sunny and warm!


Outfit #2 – Work Related



This T is office appropriate when paired with a blazer and cute heels!  And if you have a casual date with a friend or your SO after you clock out, switching either the blazer for something a little more causal, or changing into flats will dress this look down a notch or two!


Outfit #3 – Take Me Somewhere Nice



I bought this maxi dress ages ago.  Paired with my T overtop, and tying the hem in a knot above my growing baby belly transformed this oldie into a new goodie!  This practically new dress calls for an excuse to go out for dinner!  Date night with my hunny!


Outfit #4 – Work it OUT



Dont you love it when things “work out”? . . . . . . . . . .  Wow that was cheesy. . .  Anyways, this T is too comfy and breathable, making it the perfect shirt to exercise in.  Throwing it over your head with a pair of your favourite workout pants makes for a good run.  A cute, comfy, outfit for the gym gives me that extra motivational push to workout when I’d rather stay home and eat chocolate!


Outfit #5 – I Want to Look Like I Tried



Anyone else have those days where you just want to look like you tried when you really didn’t?  #alldayeveryday.  The contrast between the white scarf and black T are complimented by these super comfy blue heels!  Coffee with the girls?  Family dinner?  Casual business meeting?  This T gets the job done without any effort!


Here’s Your Challenge. . .



To finish this blogpost off, I have a challenge for you!  Grab a tea or coffee, turn on some music, and clean out your closet.  Get rid of all the clothes you never wear.  See if there is a store close to you that buys gently used clothing for cash!  That may be some extra motivation to clear space in your dresser (it always helps me).  You’ll feel refreshed once your through!


Don’t forget, this is a collab with SarahTherese!  If you liked this post, show her video some L O V E!






  1. This is such a great post! Beautiful outfit options! Also saw Sarah’s video and loved it!!
    Do you only buy local? Do you have any brand recommendations that are ethical online? I’m new at ethical shopping and am having a hard time finding brands that are actually ethical and not just advertising falsely.


  2. Hi Rachel! I came to your blog from Sarah’s YouTube channel. I just discovered an ethical shop here in the states (I live in N. Idaho, like north north, we’re 30 minutes from the Canadian border) they have online shopping too, it’s they give 100% of their profit to charities that help people AND spread the Gospel! So so excited about this. Let me know what you think!


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