Newborn Essentials

Newborns don’t need much.  Honestly.


I may be a minimalist but even if you aren’t, newborns are.  Although they don’t need a lot to be happy – a full tummy, clean diaper, and sleep – there are some things that make it easier to keep them on the sunny side.  Of course every baby is unique and requires different types of soothing or feeding in order to help them stay happy.  I’m not saying that this short list is going to be essential for every babe, but one or two may make it onto your kiddo’s list!


Newborn Essentials


DSC_2818Jax and Lennon Everything Blanket


Originally, I thought that organic muslin swaddles were the way to go when it comes to actually swaddling a baby.


I can be wrong. . .  It happens. . .


The problem with those muslin swaddles is that they don’t stretch!  Even if you perform the perfect “burrito-ing” of your babe they are going to get out if they try hard enough.  The swaddles are thin and for sure soft, but they don’t accomplish the realistic job you hope a swaddle would do.


Turns out the best blanket on earth for swaddling is the Everything Blanket made by Jax and Lennon.  They make their products out of Rayon from bamboo; meaning its extremely silky, breathable, antibacterial, and oh so much more.  Because of the bamboo rayon these blankets stretch so well but never loose its elasticity.  Beverly loves to move a whole ton, but this blanket helps her to literally stay together so that she can get to sleep much easier and stay that way for a lot longer.


I haven’t used a thing to swaddle Bev other than the Everything Blanket.  All the muslin swaddles I bought originally are now used as burping clothes.




A bassinet is on my list of essentials for multiple reasons.

  1. If you’re a Mama, you know newborns need to eat every two to three hours.  Nighttime included.  With her in the same room and right beside our bed it was easy and more relaxing to get those late night and early morning feeds in.
  2. Newborns have the worst breathing ever.  It’s terrifying if you are a first time Mama and aren’t used to the inconsistent random rapid then slow then stalled then sighing breathing.  I stayed up the whole first night home with Bev because of how unsettling it was.  If she was in a crib I would get out of bed every 5 seconds to check on her.  With the bassinet I could stay in bed and get some rest.
  3. They are easy to move around.  I move that thing around the house more than a career traveller changes countries.  When I need to get things done but want to keep Bev in view the bassinet accomplishes just that.  Whether its cleaning, or organizing, or cooking, or blogging, or showering or even just relaxing with a good book, I can keep an eye on her.
  4. Lets be honest, a bassinet makes a cute photo for da ‘gram!





I don’t know why but I originally didn’t want to use a soother.  Don’t ask me why because I really have no clue.  Seriously.  A nurse in the hospital asked me if I wanted a soother for Bev because she kept crying and for some reason my head screamed “NO!  ARE YOU CRAZY?”.  So I said “No, thank you.” in the nicest mouse whisper to make up for my internal scream.  Again, I have no idea why.


Before they let Bev and I leave the hospital she had to have a hearing test done.  Problem was she kept crying while the lady attempted to conduct the test which she needed to be quiet and calm for.  The woman grabbed a hospital soother just to calm Bev down for the test but once she was finished with that soother I snatched it from her and didn’t give it back!  My post-partum/recovering mentally and emotionally/hormone imbalanced self was in awe of how quickly that soother made me able to hear my own thoughts!


Since then I have purchased a natural rubber soother and have never left the house without it.




DSC_2773Even if you plan to breast feed, formula for the first few days after babe’s born really is a necessity.  My milk took three and a half days to come in and what I was producing before that really wasn’t enough for Beverly by the second night.  She was clearly very hungry after I nursed her so formula was awesome for topping her up and filling that cute little belly.


That full belly helped Bev to get a good sleep.  Formula won’t last forever if you are breast feeding so if nursing is your plan don’t buy a big tin because you won’t use all of it!



Hopefully this list helps you!


If it didn’t, I can’t really do anything about it!  Haha!







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  1. The way you described that “everything blanket”, I want one for me. I am well past the baby stage but I sure wished I had this blanket for my babies.


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