Start with Coffee

Who doesn’t love coffee?


DSC_3322Who doesn’t use it?  Mamas, Papas, students, teachers, world leaders.  We all run our separate worlds with the strength of a good cup o’ joe.


Ever seen Gilmore Girls?  For those of you who haven’t i’ll fill you in on one of the most important details. . .  Lorelai (the main character) has an addiction to coffee.  Her young daughter, Rory, also shares her mother’s dedication to the warm brew.  Well, I have a good feeling that’s going to be Bev and I once she is just a tad older.


My dedication to java is strong like Superman. . .  Or Thor. . .  Or whoever else ya wanna name.  That’s also how strong I like my coffee!  But seriously I need coffee.  If i am out and about you will see me with a bottle of water and my 24oz to-go coffee tumbler.


One of the best things about coffee is that it’s a great place to start if you are wanting to start buying ethically.  Its inexpensive and deliciously easy to switch to.  Odds are your grocery store carries fair trade or direct trade coffee in their organic or natural foods aisle.  With so many different brands who only supply coffee that wasn’t made by slaves or children, you can quickly find the perfect taste for your buds!


If you are a student or unable to buy everything ethically sourced (cause it gets expensive), coffee is something you can afford to switch and help change the world with.


DSC_3346This coffee is my favourite!

It’s medium roast from Tanzania.  This coffee is not only Direct Trade, but organic!  I purchase this perfect coffee – either ground or full beans – at Ten Thousand Villages.  They have tons of Direct Trade coffee options (and they carry my favourite brand of hot chocolate mix).


This roast made by Helena and her family is always in my pantry.  It will always be re-purchased in my home!  I can’t resist that sweet smell!










  1. It is amazing to think how purchasing a product can have a negative or positive impact on a person’s life. May we all take steps, even small ones to enhance the lives of others whether we know them or not. Thanks for your efforts to bring this issue to our attention.

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  2. We have a local coffee roaster that we LOVE in Newport, Kentucky. They ethically source their coffee and actually often travel to the countries to meet with the farmers who grow the beans. They recently did a fundraiser to help buy trees and equipment for young farmers. I always feel so good about buying their products. 🙂


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