Baby #2 is Brewing | The Whole Story

Well slap me in the face, call me a cross eyed platypus, throw a pineapple at me and shoot me with coffee!  Baby #2 is on the way!  I’ve put my relationship with wine on hold in order to commit myself to pre-natals.


Honestly I wasn’t expecting to have Bev and our next baby so close together!  However after an unexpected “scare” which turned out to be nothing (or a “-“) I felt at peace by the thought of trying for another babe sooner than later.  Of course this was something Elih and I discussed.  I may have been ready to give it a shot, but I respected Elih’s equal and very valid opinion on the subject.  We both needed to be on the same page.  After a few days of Elih thinking and praying we knew it was time to start trying again!

At the time we didn’t know if God’s plan for us was to conceive right away, or if it would take time.  Yet we trusted in the fact that God is Sovereign and has a P E R F E C T plan.  We were excited to see what He had in store, and how He would work in us whether or not we got pregnant sooner than later.

A couple weeks later my period (which has been super regular since having Beverly) was a few days late.  Elih and I took a test together, which turned out to be a “-“.  I was confused more than anything.  But again, we knew God was going to bring us a baby in His perfect timing.

*There is a lot of peace knowing that God is in control.  Clearly, if baby wasn’t brewing, He had a reason and all we had to do was stand back and trust Him.  Talk about no stress and overflowing peace.*

A week later I still had no period. We all know how frustrating that is! Especially since I had taken a test and gotten a negative. I wanted an excuse to eat chocolate; can I get an “Amen”?

I decided to take another test just to make sure that I was absolutely not pregnant. After all. . . Wine. . . Need I say more?


It became real so fast for me. I broke down in tears while holding a very confused Bev. Obviously I was just as excited about being pregnant with Bevie as I was with this babe. But this time around it felt so much more real that that tiny little human blob had already been given a gender, character, and face to go with. A perfectly unique babe who would eventually greet us with his or her own personality! Conception and pregnancy really is an amazing miracle!

I got to tell Elih when he got home from work! The rest of that story is really stupid!  Talk about a massive F A I L. . .  Sometimes you plan things in your head, but of course it makes sense to you because its YOUR head!  Thankfully Elih has a very different head than me; which is where the miscommunication came in. . .  Oh well! Maybe next time!


dsc_6062-2So far, everything is looking good! I’m 12 weeks along with a due date of July 29th. Right smack dab in the middle of the four weddings we are attending in two months time. Here’s hoping this babe doesn’t make a game out of his/her due date!  Also, from the moment I found out I was pregnant my body jumped right in! No joke, I wake up in the middle of the night having to pee. Every. Single. Night. But I hold it. . . Cause ya know. . . Im comfy. Ill save the rest of my body’s disfunction for a “Bumpdate”!


We are so unbelievably thankful for this precious life that Jesus has given us. Seven months is much too far away, and yet way too close!






  1. I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU ALL!! ❤️❤️ I’m pregnant with my second baby too (my first being 11 months old) and I’m due on July 9th. It’s so much fun seeing other pregnant ladies who are due around the same time! I’d love to hear how similar/different this pregnancy is compared to when you carried Bev. I feel like mine this time around is crazy different than the first time.


    1. THANK YOU!!! Thats so exciting!!! Summer baby!!!! I love having babies in the summer! So many walks and beach days with tiny babes are the best!! I hope this pregnancy is the same in some areas and TOTALLY DIFFERENT in others haha! ❤ ❤


  2. How exciting! I started late having babies so mine were all close together. I wouldn’t do it any other way. Congratulations!


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