BumpDate | 15 Weeks

Oh hello month 4 of pregnancy!

At least that’s what my pregnancy app told me this morning.  I still don’t understand the weeks to months dating.  For example; I have my 20 week ultrasound booked for mid March.  Which means i’ll be 4 1/2 months pregnant, half way to 9 months/40 weeks.  BUT my app told me today that i’m 4 months pregnant.  So how can I be 4 months pregnant now when in a month and a bit i’ll only be 4 1/2 months?  Someone explain please.  Cause i’m baffled. . .

15 Weeks; Our little Brew is the size of a pear!  4 inches long, 2.5 oz.

Thus far this pregnancy has been rather similar to how I was with Beverly.  I have had absolutely zero morning sickness.  Yes, go ahead and imagine yourself throwing me off a bridge.  I understand.  Thats how I feel when people tell me they never got swollen (if you remember, my legs were four times the size they normally are due to intense swelling that took over my whole body when I was pregnant with Bev).  However, Elih did curse me with some moments of slight nausea by wishing me to have a little bit of sickness as long as it meant that my third trimester would be easier than it was last time.  I’ll let you know if it works!  Haha!

I have definitely seen some baby bump growth!  Honestly, it all feels so unreal.  So its the little things that makes this baby become less imaginary and more real!  The now noticeable physical changes, the fact that I haven’t had a period since October, and the obvious tiny little heartbeat that I get to hear at my midwife appointments!  Oh, and of course the most definite sign, the baby that popped up on my first ultrasound, haha!


I’ve had a lot of people ask if I’m nervous about having two babies so close together.  Since Beverly was born at the end of June and this babe is due at the end of July, they will be 13 months apart.  And honestly it doesn’t make me nervous!  Not even a bit!  Yes, it will be an adjustment and a challenge.  However it would be both those things even if they were going to be 5 years apart.  It’ll be really busy for some time, but it will be less busy sooner than if we spread them apart further.

The one thing about baby brew’s due date is that its at a seriously busy wedding craze time.

Three days after baby brew is due, we have a wedding.  And then two days after that we have ANOTHER wedding!  Four days later we are going on a road trip to be at ANOTHER wedding that I am a bridesmaid in!  Here’s my plan:

  • Baby is due, but late.
  • We go to wedding #1 and I dance myself into labour (secretly)
  • Give birth the following morning.
  • Have a good delivery and not too much tearing.
  • Be at wedding #2 the next day
  • Result: plenty of time to rest and pack before the road trip and wedding #3


  • Baby is due, but late.
  • Go to wedding #1
  • Go to wedding #2
  • Go into labour the next day and give birth by the evening with not too much tearing.
  • Result: have enough time to rest and pack before the road trip and wedding #3


Or just pray like mad.

DSC_6114-2We want to keep the gender a surprise again!  And I have NO idea if baby is a boy or a girl at this point!!  I keep going back and forth between the two!  As time goes on I will definitely get a better idea of which gender i’m thinking is snuggled up in me! …………………………………………………….                   Speaking of boy or girl. . .  We have our names figured out!  Just like we did with Beverly, we have one boy name and one girl name ready to go!  So when baby comes out he/she will have their name! ………………………………………………………………..         I love how when Bevie finally came out and Elih told me “It’s a girl!!!” I knew that I was holding my little Beverly.



I wish I had some more juicy details to give you, but so far everything has been super chill!  Don’t worry, i’m sure all insanity will break loose in no time!




– Rae

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  1. I always felt most beautiful when I was pregnant. Maybe because I held a priceless little treasure within. I too never had morning sickness. Thank you LORD. Enjoy each moment. Looking forward to seeing your little one!


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