Valentines Day Dates | Singles & Couples

Valentines Day is nearly here!

Am I crazy Valentines Day person?  Have I become obsessed with the “day of love”?  Do I think its THE day to celebrate love?


My Dad taught me different.

There are 365 days in the year.  365 days in a year to tell your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancee/fiancé, that you love them.  365 days in a year to show that person through your actions that you care about them.  365 days in a year to treat the person you love like a priceless human being who you can’t live without.  365 days in a year to invest in your significant other.  365 days in a year to put your other half first.

VDAY has become the one day to tell your S/O that you love them.  Show them you care.  Treat them like they are priceless.  Invest in them.  Put them first.  And then there are 364 days left that aren’t spent doing the things that should be done on the daily.

My Dad shared with me that VDAY should not be the one day to “make up for” the past 364 that you have treated your S/O wrongly; and vice versa.  Instead, it should really be the. . .

‘Dessert’ completing an amazing ‘main course’ of a year long selfless effort to invest in and show unconditional love to your S/O.

Lets not forget that.


Enjoy your dessert peeps. . .


Singles |

Let me tell you something. . .  I did Valentine’s day to perfection when I was single.  Before my sister got a boyfriend (thanks for stealing her, Kieran) we used to eat chocolate covered strawberries, drink fancy creations, do our nails, watch chick flicks, wear sweat pants, and put face masks on.  After Kieran stole her from me (can you tell how not bitter I am?) I continued my own single VDAY.  Basically it was the exact same as when I did it with Sarah, but I got more strawberries and had more room on the couch.

I have awesome memories of those pamper days!  We never wished we had boyfriends to treat us because we thoroughly enjoyed being without makeup with sweat pants on and chocolate smudged around our face.  It was our sister/girl time and we loved it!

So if you’re single, TREAT YOURSELF!  Or you can freak people out by doing one of my suggestions below. . .  Here’s a list of things to do if you’re rocking the freedom of single life this Valentine’s Day!

  • DSC_6233-2Girls night!  Go for drinks and desserts!  Or stay in and eat all sorts of chocolatey goodness while playing games or watching a movie!  OR you could go for drinks and desserts in your pjs THEN take extra dessert back to someones house and play games!
  • Treat yo’ self!  Take a bath.  Do your nails.  Eat chocolate.  Watch movies.  Buy fast food.  Think of what sort of pampering you never have time for and DO IT!  It’s important to invest in yourself.
  • Go to a restaurant. . .  Alone.  Ask the waiter for a table for “two” and pretend to be on a date with your “imaginary S/O”.  Order two drinks, two entrees, two desserts!  Interact with the air in front of you to make people think you’re crazy!  Even go as far as bringing a gift FOR YOURSELF from your “air date” and react to the gift inside as if you’ve never seen it before.  You’ll be the hit of the restaurant and no one will know that you’re actually quite sane!  PLUS you can take the extra food home for the next day.  BONUS!
  • Go to a fancy restaurant and pretend you’ve been set up on a blind date BUT you got STOOD UP!  Act super emotional and depressed.  Pretend to call your friend or mother and tell them how upset you are that your date didn’t show.  Use lines like “No Karen I don’t think he came in, saw me, then left!” and “Is there something wrong with me, Mom?  I just can’t believe this keeps happening to me!”.  The reason for doing all this is to see how much FREE FOOD you can get!  Maybe other couples will feel bad and have something sent to your table.  Or maybe your waiter will feel terrible for you and give you a big piece of chocolate cake – on the house!

Okay, someone PLEASE do one of the funny ones and have a friend film it.  Because that’s GOLD!  But if you do it and post the video online and make money, I want a 25% cut.  All rights reserved. . . ?


Couples |

VDAY can get (unnecessarily) expensive so here are some cute ideas to keep VDAY fun without burning a hole in your wallet!

  • DSC_6222-2Use what’s in your fridge or pantry to make a fun assortment of food and drive to a park or up a mountain and enjoy a home packed picnic!  Try to go somewhere new!  Explore a bit!
  • Grab your favourite fast food and watch a movie at the drive-in, or at home!  You can never go wrong with “fresh” McDs fries, a Teen Burger from A&W and a good movie.
  • Stay at home and make breakfast for dinner together!  Nothing says “I love you.” like “Do you like your bacon raw or crispy?”  Crispy. . .  Always crispy. . .
  • Do some exploring and find a new place to go on a long walk.  Grab some coffee/tea and enjoy fresh air with some hand holding.  Be the reason other people smile and think “What a cute couple!”.  If you really want to milk that, ladies – stick a pillow up your shirt to look pregnant.  Now THAT’LL make people smile!  Or depending on the size of the pillow, you can pretend to be walking yourself into labour.  That’s got to get you some cheering!


I hope you all enjoy your “dessert”!  And I really hope someone does the “stood up” or “air date” bit. . .



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