Keeping Your Nursery Minimal | And how to Maintain it

I think every Mama has slowly seen their nursery go from clean and organized to messy and chaotic.

This line is usually crossed once the baby is born and you are actually using that room that previously remained still in its organized perfection.  Don’t worry!  It happens to us all.  And if it never happened to you, you’re probably a liar. . .

The simple truth is that kids take up space.  Not just the person, but all their stuff!  All the lovely things that you convince yourself you MUST have; clothes, toys, nifty gadgets that are supposed to make your life easier, and all the other random items that slowly pile up.  The more offspring you create, the messier and more chaotic that nursery is going to get!  So do yourself a favour and save some extra sanity that you can distribute to the tiny humans!

I’ve got some tips and tricks to share with you on how to keep your nursery organized and stress free!

Got a small space to work with?  Don’t worry, Refined Interiors + Co can not only help you design your own nursery/children’s room, but you can read their blogpost on different pieces that can help to keep that room organized!  P.S. you can take a peak at how they styled my nursery for the fun of it over on their post!

In the meantime, here are some tips that I use daily to tame my nursery. . .



Limit the amount of shelves and dressers in the nursery.

Yes this sounds like a weird idea!  “Have less pieces of furniture that can store all your stuff so that you can’t store all your stuff?!BUT ACTUALLYHave less pieces of furniture so that you don’t buy as much stuff!“.  You will never see me buy a piece of furniture capable of storing items I don’t already have and need.  Reason being; I don’t want extra storage space giving me an excuse to buy something I really won’t use.  Often time if I see an item in a store that catches my eye, I remember that I simply don’t have the shelf space for it!  Doing this helps me to save money as well as room!

DSC_0480Less stuff = more space

Do your best to keep things like clothes and toys minimal.  Yes, I said toys!  If you don’t give your kids a ton of toys from the start, they will have no idea that they don’t have a ton of toys!  You could still keep adding new toys throughout the years as they and their intelligence grows, but don’t go overboard!

Another great way to not have tons of toys out but still keep them interested is to separate their toys into 3 or 4 different bins.  Rotate through each box every week or two.  That way they will enjoy their toys for a longer amount of time since it’s almost like they get new ones every couple weeks!

Clothes.  Isn’t it the hardest thing to NOT buy every cute thing you see for your kids?  The amount of clothes Beverly could have is scary but I do my best to keep her closet minimal.  Incorporating the method for less clothing “storage options” helps manage my inner “do it for Bev” shopaholic.  She has one dresser.  All her clothes and accessories must fit in easily.  With baby brewing, I keep in mind that the same dresser will have to fit the clothes for him/her as well.  If there isn’t any more space for clothes then no more clothes will be bought!

Also as a side note. . .  Most mamas have NO time to fold ALL that laundry, but fold what you can!  I do my best to stay disciplined in folding Bev’s shirts, dresses, pants, socks, and other items that are easy to lose track of.  But when it comes to her sleepers, bibs, headbands, et cetera. . . well those get thrown in the air and hopefully land IN the dresser!  Folding and keeping your kids clothes organized by item and size helps save time in the long run!  Trust me. . .


DSC_0478Be self disciplined

The hardest part to keeping your nursery or child’s bedroom is maintaining it.  Sure, we can do an amazing Cinderella/Marie Kondo cleaning and organization of those “black hole” rooms but keeping it that way is hard especially if your kids are too small to tidy themselves.  Till that beautiful day when they are capable of tidying up, us Mama’s have all the work!  And all it takes is three words which are WAY easier said than done.  Be self disciplined.  You have 15 minutes free at the moment and want to spend all of it sipping coffee and browsing Instagram?  Perfect!  You deserve a break!  But if your nursery is in need of some love, just spend 5 minutes cleaning.  Not only will it leave you with 10 minutes of coffee and browsing, but it’ll be 10 minutes of your mind more at ease than if the nursery was still a mess.


Look – I get it!  This whole “keeping things tidy” is hard!  In some cases, foreign!  But these small tips and tricks can help you be the boss of a clean room.  All you have to do is start!



Dont forget to take a peak at my friends @refinedinteriorsandco on Instagram!  Their feed is full of interior heaven!



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