Mini Remodel | Front Entrance

There are few things more satisfying than taking a space in your home and transforming it, big or small, into your vision.


Ever since we moved into our new suite almost a year ago – wow that went fast – I have felt stressed and overwhelmed by how our front entrance was set up.  Originally it was piled up with moving boxes.  Then I “tidied” it up after a couple months which was a better fix than what it looked like in the first place.  However it was still messy and disorganized.  No matter how clean it was, it never looked that way.


A complete eyesore that did NOT go with the rest of our minimalistic space.


I had been wanting to transform the small area for quite some time but #priorities.  Finally there was nothing else on our mental “to-do” list and so we decided to invest in our front entrance!

Pinterest gave me lots of inspiration and eventually I had a vision in my head of what would work best in our space that was both practical and easy on the eyes.

I had a few rules:

  1. It couldn’t cost an arm and a leg
  2. We needed to find something to put ALL our shoes in since we are tight on storage
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Open concept
  5. Suit our interior


With my vision and rules in mind we went to IKEA (of course) to find a shelf, hooks, and something for our shoes to fit into!

DSC_8295I was so pleased when we found a storage bench that was originally meant for blankets and pillows.  It was definitely large enough for Elih and I to each have space for our shoes.  Also, I really liked the white simplicity of the bench.  I knew it would fit in our suite really well!

We also snatched a white rack with hooks.  I had debated between hooks and hangers but opted for the hooks because it would take up minimal space which would help keep our entrance more open.

Since we had our white bench, white hook rack, and a white box for miscellaneous items, I wanted the shelf to be a light wood to create a slight contrast.  IKEA didn’t have any single wall shelves that I liked so we stopped by RONA and found a perfect piece of pine wood that would complete our mini reno.

Overall, we spent less than $250.  The bench was the only thing that took up most of our budget.


The final result of our front entrance remodel was exactly what I wanted!  Practical.  Open.  Easy to keep clean.  And it complimented the design of our suite.

Sometimes all a small area needs is a few dollars spent in order to open your space and de-stress your mind.






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  1. Absolutely loved!. I’m also in midst of remodeling our home. I love the simplicity when re-doing your entryway! It’s the little details that make HUGE impact. Thanks for sharing! ✨
    (Quick question: what do use to take the pics? They look great! )


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