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Ya’ll know I’m all about making day to day life more simple to avoid stress!


I had to recruit Elih to help me with this post.  Why?  Because I know I do certain things that help make day to day easier, but I’m so accustomed to it that I needed some extra brain power to help me identify what it is that I actually do!  These things are so normal to me that it’s second nature.  However it may not be that way for everyone!

I realized something funny too while brainstorming what I do to keep life simple:

It takes work to make life easier.

All my tips to maintain a stress free daily life includes self discipline and work!  However once it becomes routine, you won’t even notice you’re doing it!


Daily Planner

I never thought I would be that person with a planner.  It’s not really my personality type to be honest!  However my planner is now  L I F E !  Everything from pay day to vacation days to what meals we will be eating during the week gets written down.  It helps me remember when to pay bills, when to plan for an easy dinner if Elih is gone for the evening, or schedule time for work.

I find it can be so easy to forget the smallest things even though I’m not a forgetful person.  My planner helps to remind me of everything ahead of time and let’s me know when my schedule is getting TOO full so I don’t add more and get overwhelmed.


Clean During Naptime

I realize this may not apply to some of you who don’t have kids!  But for those of us with mini humans, I think it’s important for two reasons:

  1. If your kids are awake and in dire need of some parental attention and lovin’ but there are dishes piled in the sink, play with the kiddos.  The dishes can wait!  Odds are if you clean the dishes when your kids really need you then all they will do is annoy you in hopes of some love which will simply agitate you!  So drop the dishes and play with the kids.  Maybe your presence is all they need so you can just sit and relax while enjoying some quality time with the mini humans!
  2. It’s so much easier to clean when kids aren’t in the way!  You get it done faster and with less stress of kids crawling all over you!

Obviously I know it won’t always work to wait for the bigger cleaning jobs to be done while the kids are sleeping.  It doesn’t work for me everyday either.  I do my best though to just be mindful of the things I can quickly get done during nap time so that I can spend quality time with Beverly while she’s awake.  And of course, sometimes you can get that “to-do” list done when the mini humans are awake but distracted with their toys or books!


Keeping the Fridge, Pantry, and Kitchen Organized

This one is very important to my soul, haha!

I spend most of my time in the kitchen.  Partly because that’s where the food is, but also because. . . that’s where the food is. . .  My fridge is always organized with specific placement of food.  Everything always goes in the same place.  The same goes for my pantry as well as the kitchen drawers and cupboards.  Everything has a specific place and that placement does not change unless it absolutely has to.  With everything organized and staying in the same place it is easier to find what I need for making dinner or to put the clean dishes away.  PLUS it looks clean (even when it isn’t really) which helps to keep the mind at ease!  Well. . .  It does for me at least!


Minimalist Interior Design

I’m sure you’ve figured this out about me by now!  I so enjoy keeping my interior minimal.  Does that mean NOT having furniture or books or pictures?  No!  It just means having what you need plus maybe a couple things you like but aren’t a necessity (i.e. pictures, vase of flowers, candles, etcetera).

One of the reasons I prefer this style is because of how open and neat it keeps the home.  Even in a basement suite with only one window in our main area, this home feels so bright and open!  Basically everything in my house has a realistic, practical, purpose.  Because of that my home looks and feels tidy.  There is so much less for me to clean so it’s pretty easy to keep up with most of my cleaning “chores”.  If I do fall a bit behind it’s because I’m being lazy, not because I’m too busy cleaning everything else!


Maintain Your Work

This is where most of the work comes in. . .  You know that feeling when you dry all the dishes from the washer and then place the mountain of dishes from the sink into the washer and you’re left with that beautiful empty sink?  It’s a wonderful feeling, eh?  Well it can be hard to keep that sink clear afterwards as you start to use more dishes that all end up in the sink.  I can be guilty of feeling “what was the point of that?” really easily as the plates and pots start to pile up because I’m just not in the mood to put them in the washer.  But here’s the thing:  You just have to do it.  Sure, the last thing you want to do is MORE dishes after the Everest you just conquered.  I get it!  But is it better to feel stressed by the ever growing mountain of dirty dishes that mocks you constantly, or to just have the self discipline to put each dish in the washer as you finish using them; keeping that sink (and your mind) clear?

It may take a little extra time in the moment to keep your house and mind de-cluttered, but it is always worth it!  That’s definitely what I’ve found!  The affect being organized can have on your life is amazing!



Ever since I made these practises second nature, daily life has been more simple and so much easier!  I enjoy my time more which helps to keep my mood positive; allowing me to maintain more sanity!

If you’re feeling like each day is a burden and too overwhelming, I highly recommend brainstorming some ways to de-stress your mind by making other aspects of your life more light-weight.  Maybe some of the things I listed are doable in your style of life.  Or maybe they aren’t!  Either way, find what works for you!


– Rae

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