BumpDate | 37+2 Weeks

Can’t believe we are only approximately 3 weeks away from meeting this little babe!


Feels as close as tomorrow!


For the most part I’m doing pretty good.  Yes, my body is definitely falling apart, but not nearly as bad as it was with Beverly by this point.  With her I was on bed rest, had severe swelling over my whole body, could hardly walk, and was in a world of pain.  Thankfully this is not the case right now!  I couldn’t imagine experiencing all of that ON TOP of having to take care of another little human.



My sciatica is still holding on.  To be honest though I am used to the electrocuting feeling that sciatica gives so freely to its victims.  So maybe it’s actually a lot worse than I think it is!

I am SO BEYONG HAPPY to say that my swelling has held off!  I do get a bit of swelling in my lower legs and feet by the end of a busy day.  However I make sure to rest as often as I can and by the time morning comes the swelling has disappeared.

My inner thighs are KILLER!  I have two options:  1. Not exercise my inner thighs and experience an odd form of discomfort from lack of exercise – OR –  2. Exercise my inner thighs and experience a familiar form of discomfort from muscle soreness.  The latter is preferable.

Overall, I am in decent physical health!


DSC_8451Braxton Hicks

I never had these with Beverly.  This time around I’ve been having a TON!  And for quite some time actually.  My midwife said that it’s probably a case of muscle memory.  Since I had Bev only a year ago, my body remembers labor very clearly and is already prepping for it again.

At certain times they aren’t too painful or uncomfortable, just a tight tummy and mild discomfort.  However more often than not they are pretty intense!  With focused breathing they are quite manageable but not fun.



Hospital Bag

. . .  I should probably have it totally packed by now. . .  I’m still working on it. . .  Stay tuned for a blog post on what I’m taking with me to the hospital!



Honestly, this is the part that still scares me.  With Bev I had never felt labour pains or dealt with any of the after math so I was blissfully inexperienced.  Not knowing what was coming was a blessing.  Now?  I know exactly what I’m in for. . .  Sure it may be faster, or easier, but it is still labour.  I have to deal with every contraction and also push a watermelon through a donut.  It’s not easy.  And I’ve been having a hard time dealing with that knowledge.  I don’t want to do it again.  I’m not in blissful ignorance this time around. . .  And it freaks me out.



I am very thankful for radio shows, podcasts, and a husband who sleeps like a rock regardless of what I listen to throughout the entire night.  If I’m lucky I can get maybe two hours of sleep – broken up – at night.  I have learned that getting frustrated by my inability to sleep is pointless.  It solves nothing and causes me to feel more stressed!  Instead I use my sleepless time to just relax in bed, enjoy cuddling with my hubby, listen to podcasts, feel the baby move, and pray.

If anything, my insomnia is preparing me for the late night/early morning feeds with baby “Brew”.



The biggest difference between my pregnancy with Beverly and this pregnancy is my mental state.  With Bev I was not okay mentally.  My stretch marks and swelling made me miserable.  While everyone was comfortable in the sun wearing shorts and tank tops, I was inside wearing pants and a tee; uncomfortable and hiding.  I was embarrassed by my looks.  Depressed and almost constantly holding back tears.

Well I’ve got more stretch marks etching my skin now and yet I’m enjoying the sun on my bare belly!  I’m not hiding this time.

My marks don’t represent “life” to me.  I don’t see them and immediately think that they are evidence of the life that has grown and continues to grow inside me.  Instead I see how far I’ve come mentally.  I remember where I was and the journey I took to be where I am now – and that’s what makes me proud.


3 Weeks Left

I still can’t believe I’m less than 3 weeks from my due date!  An early delivery is not expected.  I absolutely predict that I will go past my due date.  Statistically the second baby comes sooner than the first, but I was 10 days late with Bev so I could still deliver earlier than I did with her and it could be 9 days past my due date. . .  If that makes sense. . .  Going past my due date doesn’t frustrate me.  Three weeks feels SO CLOSE so I don’t mind having a bit of extra time to get ready for our little “Brew”.

I am looking forward to sleeping on my stomach, enjoying a glass of wine, and not having a teeny head constantly pushing into my bladder!




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