BumpDate | 40+1 Weeks

Not going to lie. . .  This was a post I was really hoping wouldn’t happen!


I am officially past my long awaited due date!  Up until a week and a half ago (you may recall from my previous BumpDate) I was content as could be to wait for the arrival of our new babe!  I felt so much peace and was entirely okay with waiting because time was flying by and I wanted to soak up every spare moment of only having one child earth side.

That literally changed overnight.  I went from that utter peace to absolutely zero patience.  Its safe to say that I’m   D O N E   !  The way I see it is that this babe is fully grown and ready for the world and all thats happening in utero is growth. . .  He/she is getting fatter daily and we all know that head keeps taking up more surface area in my uterus – soon to be more surface area in my birth canal.

This week my pregnancy app told me that baby is the size of a small pumpkin. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  A small pumpkin.  A small pumpkin is still significantly large when it plans to squeeze through the eye of a needle!  What were the creators of this app thinking?!  “Yes lets not only remind the pregnant women that they are STILL housing a human, but lets also put the frightening thought of a pumpkin squeezing out of them in their already stressed out minds!“. . .

Just lie. . .  Tell us the baby is tiny. . .  Send some chocolate our way. . .  Is that too much to ask?

Honestly though, going past my due date was very much expected.  I was ten days late with Beverly and I expect to go at least a week past due with this one.  And I’m not the person who believes in just waiting for baby to come.  If I can do something to encourage labor I will!


Inducing Labor

You name it, I’ve tried it.

Spicy food is so delicious (especially in butter chicken form).  But all it does is bring on some mild braxton hicks.

Clary Sage diffusing smells great but thats as far as it goes.

Massages are heavenly, however ineffective.

Spending alone time with Elih *wink wink*. . .  Does nothing induction wise.

Castor Oil. . .  Oh castor oil. . .  It works.  Definitely affects my body. . .  Not the way I want it to though.  All it does is send me to the bathroom and NOT the hospital!

Pretty sure I could hook up Oxytocin to my body and I STILL wouldn’t go into labor!  Haha!  It would appear that my uterus is just as abnormal as I am!


Taking it Easy

Yesterday I went on a hard core walk.  While I was walking I decided that it would be my last walk where I was working my body hard.  The last thing I need physically is to go into labor at the end of a busy day that involved too much exertion.  It’s time to take care of myself by going on short strolls, or just doing some stretching at home!

I am also focusing on not putting too much into one day.  For example, Monday is usually my grocery shopping day!  However I already had quite a few non-grocery errands to run yesterday (as well as my walk) and decided that grocery shopping should wait another day.  It’s hard for me to actually do, but limiting my daily activity is super important at this point in pregnancy – especially when we are in the middle of the summer heat!


False Alarm. . .

Just under a week ago I though that my water was leaking.  Since I am GBS+ I had to go into the hospital and get checked out.  If my water was leaking, I would have to be induced right away.  After a super late night trip to the hospital we found out that my water actually wasn’t leaking!  It was most likely (TMI) discharge.

It was actually really disappointing and frustrating.  I thought I saw the light at the end of the tunnel and once I got excited, that light gave me “Mr. tall finger” and ran in the other direction!  I was crushed.  Not only were we not going to meet our little babe, but I had absolutely no idea what was going on with my own body.

I was later told (in complete innocence and from experience) that labor will happen faster this time around because first-time Mamas notice the abnormal uterine contractions while second-time Mamas are used to it and by the time they realize they are having actual contractions, they are already around 4cm dilated.  Well let me tell ya something. . .  I am in such anticipation for this babe that I notice every single braxton hick.  Every time I get one I am extremely aware of it and wonder if THIS is when labor starts.  It never is. . .


We Have a Deal. . .

I asked this baby to come out early.  He (probably a he) is like his big sister though and is already a rebel!  Haha!  Clearly he didn’t listen to my dramatic plea.

One of the reasons I wanted this babe out early is because we have TWO weddings this week!  Of course, I would like to attend both!  However I won’t be able to if he comes this week.  So since he didn’t obey his sweet tired Mama’s wishes, I kindly requested that he WAIT till after Saturday to make his debut!  I’d like to get dressed up, eat good food, indulge in desserts, and dance a couple more times before this baby comes.


Focusing on the Positives

While it can be hard waiting for this baby to arrive, I am – as always – focusing on the positives!  

I’m enjoying these last days with just my beautiful Beverly.  Every undisturbed cuddle she gives, all the play time we have together, our many sweet conversations – I’m soaking it all in!

I am definitely NOT taking nap time for granted!  It’s amazing how much I can get done when Beverly is sleeping!

Going out, whether it’s for shopping or errands or a date with Elih, is going to be harder for the next bit!  Another reason I want this babe to stay in till after the weekend. . .  I would like to enjoy two more dates with Elih before our hearts grow twice in size!

And let us not forget the OBVIOUS positive. . .  Every day this baby stays in is another day I don’t have to endure labor!




Well, here’s hoping this is the LAST BumpDate I write for this pregnancy!

As a planner, it’s hard for me to not know when baby is coming!  At least I am basically guaranteed that by next Friday there will be a new baby in our home!

Praying for a safe delivery and a healthy baby!



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