The Makeup Drawer | Minimizing

When I was around 17 I started to grow my makeup collection.  Like. . . REALLY GROW!


Once upon a time I had a Youtube channel that centred around makeup (no I will not tell you what my username was because those videos are so embarrassing to watch most of the time, haha)!  So my collection of various products was very large!  And to be honest, I never got rid of that large heap of makeup.  I had so many drawers dedicated to holding my mess of products!  On occasion I went through the pile of glitter and powder to try and downsize.  However I still kept most of my makeup because I always had the “But what if I want to use it down the road?” thought.

DSC_8843Then after squeezing Charlotte out of me I decided I wanted to get rid of more            S T U F F.  Thankfully, my makeup drawers were the heaviest of concerns.  In order to properly tackle them I knew I needed to give myself a limit of products I could hold on to.  Inspired by both my Mama and sister’s makeup “basket” I decided that I would find a small basket to fit my makeup into and everything that didn’t fit would simply have to go!

As a side note, this is a “tool” that I use every time I downsize something.  First I find a container (of any kind) that takes up the amount of room I limit myself to, and then I work from there!




I stuck to the idea of keeping only one product per category.  Instead of holding on to 10 different powder options even though I only ever use one specifically, I got rid of nine and kept the one that I will re-buy when I run out!  The same went for bronzer, highlighter, primer, brow pencil, and so on.  The one thing I allowed myself to keep extra of was eyeshadow; which is something I like to change up and play around with regularly.  I only kept a couple single eyeshadows and my absolute favourite palettes!  Keeping the same rules for brushes; I only kept one brush per need.  Of course, there are some extra eyeshadow brushes because they each serve a different purpose!

I found my sweet basket from Ten Thousand Villages!  The amount I could fit in it would be reasonable, all my products would be easy to see and reach for, and I liked how shallow it was!  Before I started digging through my makeup I assumed it was going to be a long, hard, indecisive  process.  I was wrong!


Getting rid of un-used or pointless items is always freeing!  The thought of having less clutter was so motivating that it made every product I either threw or gave away SOOOOO easy!  I didn’t even need to cram what I kept into my basket.  It all came together so perfectly!



My makeup basket is perfect for me.  It has honestly made getting ready much simpler and faster.  I can take my makeup with me anywhere in the house instead of being limited to one spot.  Plus I was able to get rid of a whole desk in my home since down-sizing my makeup!  The benefits go on and on!

What did I do with the extra makeup?  I passed the good products that were mostly unused on to others who I knew would get more use out of it than I did.  Not going to lie though, I threw most of it out since a lot of products were dried up or had crumbled apart.

It’s been a month since downsizing my makeup and I don’t miss a single product I got rid of.  Getting ready has never been easier!


“I’ve learned that minimalism is not about what you own, its about why you own it.”

– Brain Gardner



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