Back to Youtube | 5 Tips to Help Start the Minimalist Life

Long time no post!


I’ve been M.I.A. lately because I have been working my behind off to get my Youtube channel up and running.  This includes filming AND editing videos that I ended up deleting because my camera wasn’t helping me out quality wise, buying a new camera that would serve me better, creating content, planning new content, designing logos, etc, etc.  All while taking care of tiny humans.

BUT I did it and I am so excited to debut my new Youtube Channel which has three videos ready to view alongside a blogpost for each!  Getting back into Youtubing is quadruple the work of blogging, but it’s oh so fun!

Years ago I had a somewhat successful (and growing) Youtube Channel entitled “TRUKarategirl96”.  Yes. . .  Face palm. . . Countless videos of me doing makeup and hair, showing what my closet and room looked like, and DIYs.  My first video was this shy – barely a teenager – blonde girl putting on blush, mascara and some white eye shadow on the inner corner of my eye.  Hopefully my new channel videos will be a step up. . .  P.S. I deleted that channel and ALLLLL the videos that came with with you can’t go creep them, haha!

So here I am!  Round #2!  I’m looking forward to providing you guys with both blogs AND videos.

And as always, none of this is possible without the support you have all so generously provided me with!


For my first video. . .

I wanted to start my channel talking about something you all know I’m very passionate about!  Minimalism.  It’s a difficult thing to commit to when your home is full of clutter.  So if you have been wanting to finally jump all in and de-stress your home (and mind) I’ve decided to share 5 Tips to Help Start the Minimalist Life.



From my experience, these are all quite easy to jump into and help to establish healthy new habits in keeping your home minimal!


I’d love to hear any tips you personally have to add to this list!  Leave a comment down below, or on my video to share your minimalist secrets with me and everyone else needing the extra help!




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