Breakfast | 3 Toppings To Up Your Oatmeal Game

Oatmeal has always been a favourite of mine.  It’s yummy, easy to make, filling, healthy, and there are endless topping combinations to try!


But let’s be honest, sometimes in the morning we are all incapable of thinking beyond getting a toothbrush into our mouths to brush away the smell of a (hopefully) good nights rest.  The last thing we want to do is THINK about what can go on oatmeal, so we get stuck with a bowl of plain oats mixed with milk.

This is why I did the work for you!  All you need to worry about is putting it all together.  But believe me, if I could manage to provide you with your own personal servant to make you this breakfast, I would.  However if I had the money to do that, i’d hire my own servant first!

Oatmeal really is one of those breakfast foods that most things go well with, so don’t be afraid to grab what’s lurking in your fridge and pantry to create awesomeness.

Until you’re ready for that step, try out one, or two, or all of my favourite oatmeal toppings!



The easiest formula to creating your own topping combo is this. . .

  1. Choose one MAIN food topping (i.e. strawberries, apple, bananas)

  2. Select something nutritional that will pair nicely with your main food topping

  3. Add a second and third topping option that pairs well (these don’t necessarily have to be completely nutritional)

  4. Finish with something sweet (i.e. peanut butter, fruit sauce, maple syrup)

BOOM!  You’ve got yourself a new oatmeal topping creation.


Let me know what YOUR favourite oatmeal topping is!  Mine is DEFINITELY the Strawberry Sweet combination!


Cheers ya’ll!



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