Budget Tips | How I Organize My Monthly Budget

Budgeting is like that really smart friend who is incredibly dull but makes your life better!


No one likes talking money or finances.  It’s kind of this “do not enter” zone of conversation.  Even though most don’t like this topic, I think it’s an important one!  We can learn so much from the experiences of others; whether positive or negative.

Clearly I don’t have a lot of experience as a 23 year old.  But I was raised to be smart with money from a young age.  Never had an allowance.  Never got paid to set the table or wash the floors.  I worked for every penny I ever had.  Because of that I think I have some extra years of wisdom when it comes to finances!

I’m not that person who has graphs and charts with the perfectly outlined budget for every minute of every day of every month.  But I do have certain rules I financially live by as well as a very organized overlook of our monthly “money trail”.

Personally, I like being aware of whats going on with our money – whether thats money coming in or going out.  From there, it becomes easier for me to establish spending limits.


In this video i’m going to share with you how I organize my financial planning every month!  Remember, I’m not a financial advisor!  How I organize my budget may go against everything financial advisors advise against!  But it works for me and maybe it will work for  you too!



Remember, the most important thing you can do with your money is SAVE it!  This is so engraved in my mind that often time when its my birthday or Christmas or a gift receiving occasion, I’ll ask that we put extra money into savings rather than spend it on a present for me.  Investing in our future and staying out of debt is the best feeling!  



I hope this video helped you or gave you a little bit of insight into your budgeting!


Thanks for clicking!



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