Formula VS Breastfeeding

Breastmilk is liquid gold. . .


We’ve all heard it before more times than we can probably count.  And I’m sure there is probably some medical truth to that statement.  But what about formula?  Is it the silver medalist?  Or even good enough to be mentioned?

I personally live in a society where if you don’t breastfeed your child, most people will (often time openly) judge you for it.  There’s this odd idea that you are either on #teambreastmilk or – simply put – wrong.  So if a Mama and Papa decide to give their child formula rather than breastmilk (for whatever reason) they deal with a lot of rude comments and looks.

I understand this firsthand.  And with baby #3 on the way. . .  I think it’s time to really talk about it.  I want to share my story with all of you and help you see what we as #teamformula Mama’s deal with on a regular basis.

As I mention in my video, none of this is actually your business.  You have absolutely zero right to this information.  I do not need to prove or justify my actions as a Mother who made the right call.  But maybe you are on the extremist #teambreastmilk and have never even thought about why some babes are formula fed.  Maybe you aren’t on any team but plan to breastfeed your children so you automatically look down on others for formula feeding without even noticing it!  Whoever you are, whatever you feed (or plan to feed) your children, this is a topic that should be widely discussed and understood for all that it is.  I know I’m just a teeny little fish in a VERY big ocean (wow, can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of Octonauts?) but if we can all get this conversation going, it will benefit so many!

Grab a big cup of coffee or tea because this video is a long one!  I promise I edited out every bit I could!  Clearly this is a subject I’m very passionate about.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and again till everyone gets it. . .






Thanks for your non-stop support, everyone!  It means the world to me and is constantly motivating the work I do!


Let’s all be on the #FEDISBESTTEAM



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