Declutter With Me | Minimalism

Ya’ll know I love me a good declutter!


I had been putting this mini declutter project off for too long.  While decluttering is freeing and relaxing after its finished, it can often time be messy and slightly a pest when you’re in the middle of it.

Even though I don’t like the messy process, I am nearly obsessed with the minimalist result.

Thankfully most of my home is in no need of decluttering so I only had a few things on my list to get done:

  • Mugs
  • Shelf Storage Bins
  • Jewelry Box

I was NOT looking forward to my mug declutter.  Mugs are one of the few things I have a lot of.  For whatever reason, mugs are my love language.  Having a cup of strong coffee in a cute mug is my cheap form of therapy.  Don’t knock it till you try it!  Over the years I have collected mugs that screamed at me (every mug speaks to me so I need to just pay attention to the ones that scream).  I have donated one here, another there.  But with a smaller kitchen cupboard to store them in, I knew it was time to actually get rid of a few ALL AT ONCE!

My shelf storage bins used to be organized but two years and two kids later they have become a bit of a junk drawer.  Even though you can’t tell from looking at the bins, I was fully aware of the mess inside.  That hidden mess was in the back of my mid for too long. Because I simply wanted order, it was easy for me to get rid of the items each bin held.  I’m fairly certain I either donated, recycled, or threw out a good 70% of everything.

Jewelry box was another easy one.  I simply knew which accessories I wore on a regular basis, and which pieces were collecting dust.  Once I opened the box up and started digging through it was incredibly easy to decide on what stayed and what went.


Give my video a watch to see the very really STRUGGLE in picking which mugs I would donate.





Like I said, the process is messy and straight up tedious.  Yet I am so happy with the final result.  Just knowing there is that much less in my home is a huge relief!


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