About Ivory + Ebony

Welcome to my dream, becoming reality.

Ivory + Ebony is a blog dedicated to supporting ethical brands, promoting a fit and healthy life, with sneak peaks into a fun lifestyle.

Supporting ethical brands has quickly become a passion of mine. Unfortunately, most of the world is unaware when it comes to the conditions of sweatshops, the workers involved, and the effect it has on millions of people. Many of us in America and Canada don’t have knowledge in this area, not because of ignorance, but because there is not a large amount of awareness being raised on the subject. One of my goals for this blog is to raise awareness of sweatshops and what we can do to fight against it by supporting ethical brands or stores where the money does not go to the companies that use sweatshops. One voice at a time, we can change the way fast fashion is made.

Living a healthy lifestyle has always been important to me! I was raised in a very active family! With a Mom and Dad who promoted an active lifestyle, we started off not having a choice with whether or not we wanted to be moving on our feet. As time went on, all of us realized the importance of exercise, in any form, to take care of our bodies physically and mentally. I continue that routine today as a Certified Fitness Instructor. Healthy looks different on every body, and my goal here is to help everyone find their body’s own unique version of healthy!

Who likes a dull, boring life? NO ONE! I like having fun. Being adventurous and trying new things (mainly except when it comes to food) is a joy to me. I want to live this life to the fullest! So be ready for random posts on the latest photoshoot I did, what I wore all of last week, the new cheesecake recipe I found that is to die for, my favourite things about each season, what adventures the past month took me on, and my latest floral arrangement!

Thank you for taking this journey with me! So grab a cup o’ coffee, sit down with some good music on, and turn off your phone! You’ve got some reading to do!

DSC_0150Cheat Sheet:

Name: Rachel, Rach, Rae

Mornings: Chai Latte. . . Coffee. . . Hot Chocolate

Food: Almost everything. . . no seafood

Music: All of the above. . . no country or screamo

Hobbies: Photography, Writing, Floral, Exercise, Design, Food

Vacation Spot: Oahu, Hawaii

Season: Anything but Spring

De-stress: Gym, Sleep, Adventure, Baking

Ivory + Ebony

Ivory + Ebony is a play on words for Light + Darkness. No matter how thick the darkness is or how far it stretches, it cannot, nor will it ever be able to, snuff out the light.

More about Rachel:

I love people.  If there was a job where I could go for coffee with people all day and hear about their life, I would volunteer as tribute.  Most people recognize my outgoing and talkative personality right off the bat, which is why it’s so fun to see the reaction of peoples faces when I tell them I was homeschooled my entire life!  My love for people and maintaining a healthy lifestyle led me to become certified in what seems a million things, but can easily be summed up as a Fitness Instructor.  Even though fitness is my passion, I so enjoy anything creative or educational, whether that be floral arranging, photography, designing, martial arts, reading, taking workshops, et cetera.  And food. . .  Food is life. . .  I married my best friend in November of 2016 and have fallen more in love with him, and my marriage to him, every day.

Now i’m here, hoping to share my passions with the world!  This shall be a fun adventure!